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How to make sure a pack is right for you Backpacks If your pack doesn't fit just right, it will bug you every time you shoulder it. The key to a good fit is investing extra time while shopping. 1. Despite what some...
Three things to keep in mind while looking for a sleeping bag These days sleeping bags come with almost as many options as a minivan. But deciding on the right bag really comes down to three variables:Fill type: Down or synthetic.
Got some fancy new gear? Here's how to keep it in top shape There's no point in getting flashy new gear just to have it look beaten down after one season of use. Here are Ryan's tips for keeping your new...
Learn which basic outdoor essentials you should pay top dollar for PacksSplurge: Most of the time it's better to crank up the credit card on the pack itself and save on what you're putting in it. This is especially true for...
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