Is it really September already? Really? I honestly cannot think of a summer that has flown by quicker than 2011's. I've been noticing the signs that summer is inevitably coming to an end (being able to comfortably wear jeans, having more and more sweaters creep into my laundry pile each week and, yes, even some coloured leaves... already??), but I've been trying to ignore them.

To tell the truth, I'm not sure why I've been trying so hard to hold on to summer. I am incredibly stoked for the fall that lies ahead for me! I'll be working, for the first time, with ALIVE Outdoors (a more detailed blog post, to come!) leading various outdoor education programs throughout Ontario. I'll be beginning planning for Connected in Motion's Annual Winter Camping Weekend. And perhaps most excitingly, I'll be forcing myself back into a (semi) routine for the first time in, well, over a year!

Really, as I breath in the 'end of summer air' that has been abound for at least a week now, I think I'm ready to let go of July and August and step fully into the adventures of September. And hey, receiving a sweet package from explore and The North Face (the prize from the Top 30 Under 30 competition) this morning certainly didn't hinder the transition. The North Face's Blue Kazoo (-10C) sleeping bag will help me shake off any night chills that may creep in to greet me in my new [The North Face] Minibus 3 tent as I head up to Algonquin Park's Camp Arowhon with ALIVE this weekend!

I'm excited for the adventures I'll take in the next few weeks... especially to share them all with you all!