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Pita Pizza
A camp recipe favourite from Kevin Callan. Lunch, Dinner 2 pita breads (more if needed) 1 can of dehydrated tomato paste (paste to...
4 shorelunch recipes
Going fishing on your next adventure? Here's how to enjoy your catch A blackened grill over a bed of hot coals.
Lake Trout Chowder
Recipe from: Fishing guide Tony Jeffers, from Great Bear Lake Lodge, Northwest Territories. Lunch 3-6 lb lake trout, filleted 6 medium parboiled potatoes 4...
Baked Mustard Mayo Cheese Trout
Recipe from: Fishing guide Matt Yukich, Indian Head Fishing Lodge in Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan. Lunch 1/2 cup margarine 1-3 lb lake trout, filleted 1...
Bacon-Wrapped Mustard Walleye
Recipe from: Fishing guide Ryan Suffron, from Knee Lake Resort, Manitoba. Lunch 3 cups flour 1 cup cracker crumbs 5 tbsp seasoning salt 6 walleye...
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