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How to avoid knee injuries on high-elevation hiking trails
Knee or joint pain while hiking? Here are a few tips to avoiding and managing discomfort on the trail.
Wellness and Wilderness: This slice of heaven on the BC coastline offers the perfect balance for a mindful adventure
How you eat, sleep, interact with nature and treat yourself impacts a lot more than you might think...
Active Mom-to-be: Cross-Country Skiing while 6 months pregnant
LTA Club Ambassador Leah shares her experience cross-country skiing while pregnant
Easy Camp Cooking Ideas: 6 Meals with 6 Ingredients each
Kira Hak from Adventure Haks knows a thing or two about camp cooking... here are six of her recipes with...
Back pain while hiking? Here are 6 Preventative Steps to reduce your pain
We know how much you love to get outside on a good, long hike. We also know how much back...

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