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Healthy DIY Dehydrated Snacks for Multi-Day Hikes and Outdoor Adventures
Make your own beef jerky, fruit leather and tomato and zucchini chips. Here are three full recipes!
We Talk Nutrition, Diet and Supplements with Endurance Athlete Adam O'Meara
Adam O’Meara’s career as an endurance athlete began at the...
What Nutrition Bar Should You Take on Outdoor Adventures?
How you fuel your body on outdoor adventures is important. Protein, fibre and sugar are hot terms in the world...
Shake up your adventure celebration: BarCountry creates cocktails to go
Have a margarita at the top of the trail is as easy as pour, shake and sip!
How to avoid knee injuries on high-elevation hiking trails
Knee or joint pain while hiking? Here are a few tips to avoiding and managing discomfort on the trail.

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