Everything you need to have fun outside this fall

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- Lightweight liner socks (these will increase warmth by wicking when used under heavier hiking socks)
- Cushioned Socks / Merino Wool Hiking socks
- Custom footbeds or insoles for arch support
- Hiking Boots
- Multi-Sport Shoes
- Synthetic or Merino wool briefs (look for ones that won't itch!)
- Lightweight, wicking long underwear bottoms
- Waterproof, breathable shell pants
- Synthetic wicking t-shirt or base layer
- Merino wool 1/4 zip top
- Lightweight windstopping jacket
- 4-way stretch softshell jacket or fleece jacket
- Waterproof, breathable hardshell jacket (look for one with armpit vents or 'pit zips' as they are known)
- Fleece Toque
- Fleece Gloves
- Sunglasses
- Daypack
- Multi Tool or Pocket Knife
- Water bottle and/or hydration reservoir
- Headlamp

Tips for choosing the right base layer:

  • Look for light, fast-wicking, polyester-based fabrics. they absorb very little water so it gets pumped out to the surface of the garment, where it can evaporate or wick to the next layer.

  • Wool long underwear is also popular. Today's wool apparel is made from very soft merino wool and is an excellent temperature regulator. Though merino wool won't dry as quickly as synthetic fibers, it is great for cold days as it retains warmth when damp or even wet.