There aren't many days I wander around in a daze pondering over what to write in my blog. It's happened, but not often. Why? Life just seems to happen to me. I'm not sure exactly why. It just does. Sometimes I think it's a curse, other days it's a pure gift. This week it was a gift. Imagine this; the gang I'm working with on the new KCTV Happy Camper on-line show found ourselves downtown Peterborough shooting the opening scene of out latest episode — Perfect Camp Gadget Gifts. The producer had me in a dumpster finding really bad gifts people had thrown away, which made sense since we later set up scenes at the local outdoor store (Wildrock Outfitters) of me showing the best gifts a camper would ever wish to receive. It was funny stuff.

I had planted a number of items in the dumpster for the dumpster diving film spot, including a clip-on tie, ugly sweater, singing Billy Bass, cheesy beer mug with a weasel as a handle and a moose mounted at the rim, and the ultimate, a Thigh-Master. The group was quite excited with my choice of "bad gifts," but I was hoping to have one more item to display — a Snuggie (the blanket with sleeves). I find this thing hilarious. Sadly, I couldn't locate one prior to the filming day. I checked Value Village, nothing. I checked friends and family, and no one would own up to owning one. The producer told me to let it go, not to worry about having the Snuggie in the film. But I couldn't get the thought of finding a Snuggie in a dumpster and the disappointment of not including one bothered me all day. It also bothered the crew. That had enough of me claiming it would be a better episode if we just had a Snuggie. And for my punishment, I was forced to take them to a local bar for a pint.

Into our second beer is when my luck prevailed; a women walked into the bar who just happened to be a sales rep for — you guessed it — Snuggies. I'm not making this up. Crap, no one can make this stuff up.

Mind you, the bartender was quite upset with a sales rep for Snuggies wandering into her establishment trying to push her product — a pop culture phenomenon since 2008 - on costumers, and had her removed. But I followed her out to the alley and purchased one. Then, after a third beer we re-shot the dumpster scene — Snuggies included.

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