First-aid kit
Personalizing a first-aid kit can add a lot to your trip. I even have separate contents for my dog, Ellie, and it has proven to be well worth it. On my last trip with Ellie I needed to pull the extra items out a few times. The poor dog hurt her paw, burned herself by getting too close to the fire and got nausea from being bitten by too many deer flies. Here's my latest video on how and why you should add a few extra items to your first-aid kit, as well as a list of what to include if you plan to bring one of your furry friends along.



First-aid kit for dogs:

  • Ace self-adhering athletic bandages

  • Cotton Balls or Q-tips

  • Vet rap bandage - the kind used for dressing a horse’s leg

  • Sock – great for keeping a foot bandage on

  • Gauze sponges

  • Liquid Bandages – works great on patching mild cuts on pads

  • Antiseptic towelettes

  • Hydrocortisone acetate -- one percent cream

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Eye rinsing solution

  • Small container of Vaseline

  • Hydrogen peroxide – a good way to induce vomiting (1-3 tsp. every 10 minutes until dog vomits).

  • Benadryl (1-2 tablets every 8 hours for average size dog)

  • Pepto Bismol tablets (1-2 tablets every 6 hours for average size dog)

  • Buffered aspirin  - Tylenol or ibuprofen (Advil, Nuprin, Motrin, etc.) is toxic to a dog’s liver 1-2 tablets every four fours for an average size dog).

  • Kaopectate tablets  (1-2 maximum strength tablets every 2 hours for an average size dog)

  • Emergency ice pack

  • Ear syringe

  • Antibiotic ointment

  • Bandage scissors

  • Tweezers

  • Blanket

  • Dog’s health record and phone number of ordinary vet