symposium_banner_jpg_t285Wow! I get to go to Newfoundland. Paddle Canada has invited me to speak and do a couple of workshops at this years' Paddle Symposium. it's going to be a fantastic weekend. I can't wait. Here's a break down of the sessions. If you're thinking of going you'd better hurry - there's only a handful of tickets left and they're filling up fast.

Atlantic Paddle Symposium

Session description


Open boating techniques and skills — white water

Join Mark on the water for an introduction to the world of open boating.

Solo canoe skills

"One blade, One Paddler." Work on master solo paddling techniques while maintaining control of your canoe.

Core canoe strokes and efficiency

Tandem canoe skills on flat water

Tandem canoeing — white water

Instruction for those wishing to learn or improve their ability to maneuver a tandem open boat in whitewater

Making a dynamic duo — canoe maneuvers under power

Have you ever wished that you and your paddling partner could act as a well oiled machine? Have you ever wondered what it's takes to become a more efficient pair? Have you ever become frustrated with your paddling partner? This session will allow people to strengthen their paddling partnerships by focusing on awareness of goals, enhanced communication, and assessment of outcomes within their Tandem Canoeing experiences. In a flat water environment, participants will learn to operate as a "unified paddling mechanism" through various exercises which will strengthen their understanding of teamwork dynamics.

Up a creek with a pole! — The basics of canoe poling This session will provide an overview of canoe poling from one of the authors of Paddle Canada's Canoe Poling program. Come and learn about poling grips, stances, turns, stopping and propulsion in this interactive lesson and demonstration.

Creating good group dynamics (open to all disciplines)

Acquire the essential skills for all guides or basic groups prior to an excursion.

Wilderness Pleasures (open to all disciplines)

How to make a better trip (I'll show how to make fancy meals, bake bread, mix bush martinis, brew perfect camp coffee) all the essential elements and bonuses to make your trip an all over ultimate experience!


River kayak techniques and skills

Work the river to your advantage; Learn how to read the river, pick the right lines and use the proper skills to make it all flow together.

Rodeo moves

Work with Brenna on some of the new tricks or master some of the classic freestyle white water skills.

Creeking Skills

This session will focus on reading the river and running drops with style and ease.


Blending strokes

Learn how to make all those cool strokes you know work together for optimum performance. Also edging and how it affects strokes.

Forward paddling session

Come work on your forward padding stroke. Get more power and paddle for longer periods.

Boat awareness

Edging, and working the kayak with your legs and core muscles. The course focuses on the boat part of the adage "Body, Boat, Blade."

Introduction to open water

During this course you will acquire the skills necessary to become safe, comfortable, and more competent in open water. This session will appeal to paddlers of all interests

Open water tune up

An introduction to the open water as a new venue or a confidence builder for those looking for a booster. This class build new skills or improve on existing ones.

Directional control

Ever have a hard time getting your kayak to go straight in the wind? This class will teach the proper techniques and skills necessary to make your kayak go straight and turn when the wind is working against you and your kayak.

Wind management

The class will be held in open water with windy conditions. You will discover how to apply all of your flat water strokes and maneuvers in a windy environment. You will learn how to make use of a skeg or rudder to balance your direction in a cross or down-wind scenario. You will gain experience paddling in head, side and following seas in complete control. This class if fun for people who already know how to maneuver their boats in calm conditions and can perform deep water assisted re-entries.

Paddle like A Girl

Ladies: Are you tired of being left in the dust during paddling trips? Sick of being told you're "Pretty good - - for a girl Looking for some ways to kick some paddling butt??? We can't make any guarantees but if you're interested in finding some useful ways to maximize what the thousand little gods of kayaking gave you in the way of paddling chops then perhaps we can help! This session will deal with tuning up your stroke mechanics and showing you how to use 'em for speed, grace and finesse. We might even show you some stuff you can do better than the guys can!


Come pick up a few tips and tricks to avoid the feeling of being lost at sea.

Traditional Greenlandic paddling techniques and bracing

Work with Maligiaq in Greenland paddling techniques and bracing skills using the Greenland stick.

Greenlandic rolling

Master your Greenlandic rolling. This is not intended as an introduction to rolling with a euro blade. It is aimed at sea kayakers using Greenland paddles to roll with.

Fear to run rock hopping

Where the waves meet the shore is often a place where many paddlers do not feel comfortable. Come and get more comfortable in around the rocks. Learn how to read water and deal with things that might happen in this dynamic zone.

Beyond the basics rock hopping.

Take your basic core surfing and rock hopping skills to the next level; This session is aimed at individuals who are willing to push themselves and have some fun around the rocks, We will be working on surfing slots, wave pour over's and whatever else we might run into.

Advanced sea kayaking rescues

Is there really such a thing as an "advanced" rescue, or is it just the same rescue performed in advanced conditions? What is it that makes a rescue challenging? What role does leadership plays in the successful resolution of an "advanced' rescue? The answers to these questions will be revealed in this session.

Sea kayak surfing

Come have a play in the surf; Work on setting up a safe surf session; practice launching and landing in surf. Get a feel for picking the right wave and how to ride the wave to the fullest.

Swift water rescue

White water rescue ability is a must for anyone responsible for rescue and safety within the swift water environment! Recreational boaters, commercial guides, fire fighters, police forces, search and rescue teams or anyone who lives or works near moving water need this knowledge and training! Come and get a taste of what is available out there in the whitewater rescue world. Topics to be covered include: Low to high risk rescue techniques; Self, team and victim rescues; White water hazards and obstacles; Technical rope systems; Utilize basic rescue equipment