Heading Outdoors Eventually Leads Within

This book will help hikers of all levels get a better grasp on the outdoors

If Heading Outdoors Eventually Leads Within does nothing else, it will inspire you to get off the couch and go hiking. The latest book from Kathy and Craig Copeland is a departure from their usual—13 opinionated outdoor guidebooks still in prin —but is no less valuable as a motivation for hiking and camping.

The couple, based in Canmore, but rarely found at home, explain Heading Outdoors as "Thoughts inspired by 30,000 miles on the trail." That's no exaggeration. They've carved a niche for themselves by publishing guidebooks that overflow with opinion from locations all over the U.S. and Canada. In B.C. and Alberta their Don't Waste Your Timeseries of hiking guides is invaluable for hikers whose trail time is limited.

Heading Outdoors feels like a photo feature from their 20-odd years as authors. The 95-page book looks and feels like a shrunken coffee table book. Crack the spine and start turning the pages and Craig's background in advertising shines through, in a good way. Each page or spread features a snappy quote about mankind's connection to nature. They're original and fresh and nicely laid out, within, sometime over, and always eye pleasing, with great pictures from wild places all over the world. Mostly landscape and scenic shots the pictures are beautiful and each made me want to visit the locale.

I spent hours flipping from each photo to the back, where the locations are listed. That's my only criticism: it would have been nice to have the photo locations listed on the same page. But other than that, this is a brilliant book worth owning for several reasons: for motivation, inspiration and just to enjoy.