clean-up 08 060_jpg_t285This weekend is wilderness clean-up weekend.

I've helped canoeing enthusiast, Nancy Maddock, for a couple of years now with The Great Wilderness Clean-up. A few years back she began a volunteer-based canoe route clean-up project in Algonquin park (hauling out 100 bags of garbage the first year) but quickly got frustrated with the red tape involved in doing such a good deed. I saw her announcement on a canoe chat forum that she had given up. So, I emailed her and helped her out her slump. I got media attention to the project, prizes and sponsors. With new enthusiasm, Nancy built the project back up and has now created the largest clean-up program of its kind. It's an international event, with chapters ranging from the UK to Brazil.

Clean-ups are being completed on canoe routes, portages, campsites, campgrounds, access points, backpacking and hiking trails, etc...just about anywhere that people go to enjoy the wilderness. Nancy and I (and my buddy Andy, my daughter Kyla and, yes, Speedo Man), will be cleaning up the Kawartha Highland Provincial Park this weekend, in the Gold/Cold and Cox Lake area.

Lots of prizes to be had from our sponsors: Explore, Eureka, Canada Post, Nova Craft and MEC.

Biggest prize is the best story of the clean-up wins a new Cronjie Nova Craft canoe. I'll be posting the stories on my blog.

Together we can make a REAL difference.