I just caught wind of this yesterday while listening to CBC Radio. The National Film Board has created a web site free NFB films The site has over 700 NFB Films for free viewing. This is gold for us outdoor enthusiasts! Not only is all of Bill Mason's films there (including the rarely seen Blake), there are countless other films. I'm nearly blind watching all my favorites last night.

Here are just a few that I enjoyed:

Beaver People (1929) and Beaver Family (1929) Grey Owl.

Canadian Landscape, Radford Crawley (1941) — the documentary follows Group of Seven painter A.Y. Jackson on a canoe trip in autumn.

Across Arctic Ungava, Douglas Wilkinson (1949) — paddlers travel across the far north

Survival in the Bush, Bernard Devlin (1954) — a 1954 version of our Les Stroud Survivorman

Nahanni, Donald Wilder (1961) — follows the legendary Albert Faille, an aging prospector trying to once again find the lost gold of the Nahanni River

Cesar's Bark Canoe, Bernard Gosselin (1971) — shows how to build a traditional birch bark canoe

Cree Hunters of Mistassini, Boyce Richardson (1974) — follows the day-to-day life of a group of Cree hunters in northern Quebec.

Blackfly, Christopher Hinton (1991) — animated classic about the pesky blackfly in northern Ontario.

Battle for the Trees, John Edginton (1993) — a documentary on the changing logging practices in Western Canada.