Next week, Ontario Tourism will be launching the Great Classic Canadian Adventure contest in Ottawa. I'll give much more detail about it after the launch but it has to do with winning seven days traveling with me, the host, and having an adventure of a lifetime in the Ottawa region. It's going to be a blast. You'll be starting downtown Ottawa biking along the Rideau Canal and being flushed down whitewater in a kayak with MKC in the City program. Whitewater rafting on the Ottawa is next, followed by staying at a cozy cabin at Bonnechere Provincial Park — and the grand finish is to fly through the center of Algonquin's Barron Canyon in a turbo beaver. Incredible! How do I know? This summer we filmed all the highlights of the adventure — check out the teaser. Next week I'll share the entire video for the contest and all the great detail. I will also be presenting on it at the Explore show in a few weeks (and definitely sharing the blooper reel). Ontario Tourism