Attention Outdoor Enthusiasts

Finally, a way to get the whole family excited to get fit, have fun and spend more time outdoors starting today, without having it feel like a chore...

David Webb, Editor of Explore Magazine shares his “Adventure Challenge Method” he uses to motivate thousands of people to transform their lives through outdoor adventure.

Dear Friend,

Imagine, you opening up a package you receive in the mail from Explore Magazine. You open it up and attached to the magazine is a list of outdoor adventure challenges.

Voila, you scour through the list of challenges and adrenaline is already running through your veins.

Picture, having exciting adventure goals set for you, so you literally just have to pack up and go?

Now Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel completing these challenges and creating memories with your loves ones.

See your kids voluntarily hand over their phones and tablets to participate in exciting, weekly outdoor challenges..

Better still, imagine, the opportunity to win amazing adventure prizes as a reward for simply snapping pictures of your adventurous new lifestyle...

This is quite possibly my best kept secret...

These challenges aren't anything new...

As a matter of fact, together with Explore Magazine, I've been offering these challenges inside our Live the Adventure Club for close to 2 years now...

And as a result, we've had the privilege of helping thousands of people start living a healthier, more adventurous life.

But not everybody needs new gear every 90 days...

And because of this, we weren't able to give the experience to tens of thousands of people..

So we created something special...

Introducing the Adventure Challenge Club...


What is the Adventure Challenge Club?

Explore Magazine's Adventure Challenge Club is a private online club that virtually eliminates those moments where you struggle to find something to do...

We fill your calendar with weekly, monthly and quarterly challenges and reward you with prizes for getting outdoors and living a more fulfilling, adventure filled life.

No more humming and hawing or what you and your family should do...

Pick a challenge and turn every opportunity into a fun, scavenger hunt style outdoor adventure.

Why Online Challenges Work So Well

Challenges put your feet to the fire and act as a form of accountability to yourself...

When you combine them with an online community, it adds an even stronger layer of accountability...

...It also doesn't hurt that they are fun.

Our Challenges are Backed by the Science of Achievement

We've designed our challenges using the science of achievement to ensure that you get the most impact in your life..

What does that mean?

The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) completed a study on accountability and found the following statistics:

  • You have an idea for a goal - 10%
  • You consciously decide you will do it - 25%
  • You decide when you will do it - 40%
  • You plan how you will do it - 50%
  • You commit to someone you will do it - 65%
  • Have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to 95%


Based on these numbers, can you see how participating in our Adventure Challenge Club will give you the highest possible chances of sticking to your goals?


Sign Me Up!

When you Join You'll Get:


100+ Adventure Challenges Per Year

Challenge yourself with quarterly challenges mailed to your door, and weekly and monthly online adventure challenges.
 Pick and choose the challenges you want to compete in. For every challenge you complete, you’ll be eligible for outdoor gear prizes.

Private Accountability Group

Get insider information on 'little-known' places to find adventure or even find an adventure buddy in our private moderated adventure community. 
 Get accountability on your outdoor goals using our adventure accountability groups and increase your chances of following through on your goal by over 1500%

Thousands of Dollars in Prizes

Add even more excitement to your adventure with amazing prizes as stake. 
 Every challenge has prizes making your chances of winning extremely high.  Prizes vary from $20 to packages worth more than $1000
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Explore Magazine Subscription

Get inspiration for your next adventure with a subscription to Explore Magazine, Nominated for over 100 awards including 'Magazine of the Year'.  
 Every 90 days you will get an issue delivered to your door documenting inspiring adventures, gear guides, and stories that will leave you breathless. 
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Explore Magazine Digital Vault

We'll open up our digital vault and give you access to EVERY issue of Explore Magazine from Spring 2013 to today! That's an incredible $224+ value!  
 You'll receive these digital issues immediately after joining. See why Explore Magazine has been nominated for "Magazine of the Year" twice and "Best Magazine: Service & Lifestyle" twice in the past few years alone! 



What Club Members Are Saying


"The seasonal, weekly, and monthly challenges give me direction. I was stuck in a rut and didn't know how to change. Its like having a personal trainer giving me new ideas of ways to get outside and active in a way that works for me... With nature!" -Colleen
Club Member


"Even though I haven’t always submitted pictures I find the challenges add to the enjoyment I get from being outdoors, and broaden the scope of adventures I can undertake. These challenges get us to take a road not always travelled, and to new experiences." -Peter Martin
Club Member

Sandra testimonial

"The challenges are excellent. I turned 70 in May, this year, and I am living in wonder of all that is around me. I am participating in life more openly, honestly and joyfully. I have made new friends, for whom I am so grateful." -Sandra Schettler
Club Member


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I participate if I'm not from Canada or the United States?

A: Definitely! You can take part in the challenges regardless where you are located geographically.  Currently, our audience is primarily made up of Americans and Canadians but everybody is welcome.


Q: When will I get my first challenge?

A: Right away!  As soon as you sign up, we'll send you an email confirming your membership.

You will be given access to our private community as well as your first set of challenges.

Q: Will I be committing to a certain time frame if I join?

A: Nope, if you don't absolutely love the program, you are free to leave at any time. 


Q: When will I get my first copy of Explore Magazine?

A: Since we publish the magazine quarterly, your first magazine will come on our next printing cycle.  This typically happens in September, December, March and June.

Q: How many issues of Explore Magazine are there per year?

A: We publish Explore Magazine four times per year.  One issue for each season.


Q: I have a family, are they allowed to go through the challenges?

A: Absolutely - While we do limit one active member per account in our private Facebook group, we encourage your entire family and maybe even your friends to work with you to complete the challenges.  


Q: How frequently are challenges released?

A: We publish over 100 challenges a year, with the new challenges (complete with prizes) being published weekly.  We also have a quarterly set of challenges that will physically be mailed to you along side your magazine.  

Q: What if I lose the challenges that are mailed to me?

A: No problem!  We have digital versions available inside the private group to make sure you never miss out on the adventure.

You Have Two Choices...

You can either continue doing what you are doing on your own, and hopefully you can use us for inspiration to start creating your own outdoor challenges...


You can join the Adventure Challenge Club today and take our proven challenges, community and motivation to live the adventurous life you and your family have always dreamed of.


Are You Ready to Really Start Living The Adventure?


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  • Subscription to Explore Magazine ($32 Value)
  • Private Adventure Community ($120 Value)
  • 75+ prizes per year (up to $1,000 per prize)

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