Much colder last year
I realize that 99% of the population is enjoying the lack of winter we’re getting this season…but I’m part of the 1% hoping it gets colder and snowier. After all, I had planned on some major winter camping trips throughout January and February. One trip in particular includes a hike up Silver Peak in Killarney in a few weeks; and if we don’t get some chilling temperatures than it wasn’t worth begging Santa Clause for a good winter sleeping bag and sleeping matt this past holiday. Under the tree (packed by a mysterious elf that resembled my wife) was a -20 degree bag from Mountain Equipment Co-op (Thor Windstopper) and Therm-a-rest’s NeoAir mattress. The winter bag is down and for the weight its amazing. I doubt the elfs could have produced another bag so light and yet so warm (thanks Alana). Santa threw in a liner as well to add to the warm (and to make it easier and cheaper to wash). The NeoAir was a huge bonus. I’ve always wanted one of these for winter camping. In the past I’ve used a three layer system of summer Therm-a-rests. Then I tried Eureka’s Air Rest last year, which worked well. But the NeoAir is far more compactable. Now, put those two major Santa items togehter with a few stocking stuffers (wool hat, socks and underwear) and I’m ready for the frigid temperatures to happen. Heck, Santa even brought me a foot cream called “Healthifeet” that warms the feet when applied to the feet a few days prior to the trip. I have to admit, however, that I was a tad puzzled at this last gift. The product works by a natural amino acid that increases blood flow – and its’s the same chemical that’s used in creams for “sexual arousel.” Oh well, if the temperatures don’t drop I guess I’ll still be a “Happy Camper.”  (sorry, couldn’t resist that one)