Never a dull moment while being interviewed live on Canada AM. Last week was no exception. I had a complete campsite set up outside the studio, and was eagerly awaiting the crew to come out and film. Then the storm hit; a major downpour, soaking me and the gear. I resorted to running a handful of what gear I had on display and ran inside the studio; that left me 7 seconds to place everything on a table and, more importantly, calm down. Well, I got the gear on the table (at least most of it) but I didn't manage to calm down. I've never been so hyper during an interview. I guess it was worse when a dog-sled team I had on with me in the winter nearly ran over the host, or worse, when I had my fly down during an entire interview a couple years back. Good news is that they've asked me back again — it seems my crazy luck makes good television.