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Day 2 Our second day out was much easier then the first. After a leisurely morning of flap-jacks and bacon, we drifted up to the northeast corner of Carafel Lake and took the marshy creek out to Maskinonge Lake.
Now I'm really confused about this plastic drinking bottle thing. Read what the Toronto Star had to say about it today:"Bisphenol tied to lower brain function Plastic-bottle chemical may alter neurological links required for learning and memory, study finds" Noor...
Last week I had the privilege to take my cousin from Scotland on a canoe trip. It was on her hit list while visiting |Canada, and according to Jan it was exactly what she thought a canoe trip in Canada...
When my daughter was two my wife, Alana, and I took her on an extended 12 day canoe trip through the Chiniguichi area near Sudbury. The trip was so perfect we decided to head back there this season,
I'm thrilled to announce that my new book is out, titled "Wilderness Pleasures: A Practical Guide to Camping Bliss". It's my 12th. book, and I can honestly say that's its my most "unique" book to date. The publisher asked me...
It all started this spring when I paddled Nova Crafts plaid canoe in Algonquin and posted how I really liked the unique look; followed by asking them to build the Canadian flag canoe for the Canoe Museum's National Canoe Day...
"Canada's largest remaining Old Growth Red Pine forest may be open to logging" Written By Mike McIntosh Chair, Friends of Chiniguchi Sounds unlikely right? Think again. As many are aware, the Wolf Lake area, located in the Southwest corner of Temagami, along...
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