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Great Wilderness Cleanup 2009 winners
Here are the winners of the Great Wilderness Cleanup 2009. The grand prize - best story - wins a canoe...
Car camping - midgets, bike gangs and a beagle named Bart
Sometimes the goods and bads of car camping is all dependant on who's pitching a tent (or trailer) beside you,
Canada AM 7 second rule
Never a dull moment while being interviewed live on Canada AM. Last week was no exception. I had a complete...
PEI bound
I'm off to PEI for a couple of weeks. Alana's family is there and we're taking our daughter Kyla for...
Rediscovering Blue Lake - Kirkpatrick - part 3
Day two was a long one. It began early, leaving Horseshoe Lake and into Duval Lake by two routes. Peter...
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