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Island Lake - Magnetawan River - final chapter
Here's the last video of the series on my canoe trip north of the Magnetawan River. Even though my partner...
Justine Curgenven's new canoe DVD is going to be amazing!
Last week I had the incredible privilege of hanging out in Algonquin park with film maker, Justine Curgenven ("This is...
Kevin Callan's Happy Camper TV coming soon
My mother always said that change was good. Of course, I think she was referring to the changing of my...
Ray Mears' Canadian Northern Wilderness program starts this Sunday night
Last season I helped BBC and Ray Mears with their documentary series on Canada's "Northern Wilderness" and I am very...
Permits needed in Kawartha Highlands
I can't believe I'm saying this but Kawartha Highlands needs a permit system. Let me explain. First off, I love...
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