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The Happy Camper: First-Day Jitters on the Thames River
Kevin Callan paddled Ontario's Thames River. And things didn't exactly start off that well...
The Happy Camper: A Mellow Paddle Down Ontario's Grand River
Kevin Callan slowed things down a bit and combined paddling with cultural exploration in Ontario.
Don’t be afraid to get dirty: Fool-proof ways to clean up on your next adventure
Brought to you by our friends at Epic Wipes The world is a dirty place. There's good dirt: the...
The Happy Camper: Camp Gear for my Thames River Canoe Trip
Kevin Callan just spent eight days paddling Ontario's Thames River. Want to find out what gear he relied on?
The Happy Camper: Eating Crickets for Protein (Seriously)
Kevin Callan talks about eating bugs—crickets—for protein.
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