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The Happy Camper: My New Book
My latest book, Once Around Algonquin: An Epic Canoe Journey, hit...
The Happy Camper: Hot Tenting in the Queen Elizabeth Wildlands
Kevin Callan ventured out in the Polar Vortex to go camping in Queen Elizabeth Wildlands Provincial Park. How'd he fare?
The Happy Camper: The Silence of Winter
The Happy Camper explains why when it's cold, it's quiet
The Happy Camper: Warm Up Your Frosty Fingers with These Heated Gloves from OR
Getting frostbite on three fingers means I now cringe every...
The Happy Camper: The Alberta Frostbite Symposium
Kevin Callan spent the weekend at the Frostbite Winter Camping Symposium. So, what is that, anyway?

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