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The Happy Camper: Is Wilderness too Dangerous for Kids?
Kevin Callan asks—are we failing our kids when it comes to wilderness education?
The Happy Camper: Top 60 Canoe Routes of Ontario (book release)
Kevin Callan has a new book out—and he wants you to paddle and portage all over Ontario.
The Happy Camper: Portaging, One Lifesaver at a Time
How do you balance the pain and paradise of a long portage? Kevin Callan has some ideas.
The Happy Camper: Ontario's Thames River-Paddling a Respectable Ditch
Kevin Callan is setting off to paddle what he calls "a respectable ditch."
The Happy Camper: S.O.L All Season Blanket Review
Kevin Callan just picked up the new S.O.L (Survive Outdoors Longer) All Season Blanket. It’s definitely going to come in...

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