But my all-time favorite weaponry against bugs is my Eureka Bug Tarp. The bug shelter (titled "VCS Parawing shelter system" in the Eureka catalogue) is a regular rain tarp with a fine mesh netting attached to the four walls. The whole outfit weights about five pounds. It also uses no-see-um netting, which makes the price is a little high but far more effective against "punkies." The netting is attached to the four walls by plastic clips, making it possible to detach that section and just pack the tarp along during less buggy conditions.

My regular canoe mates teased me to no end the first time I brought the tarp along on our annual Spring fishing trip. They said I was a sissy. However, when the bugs got really bad and I went inside my bug proof shelter to cook up dinner in peace, they pleaded with me to be allowed in. Payment was a shot of brandy each and an immediate apology for calling me names.