Learn what Boston Rob has to say about his new show, his experience on Survivor and his thoughts on Canada

Boston_Rob_t270Rob Mariano is appearing at The Great Outdoors & DIY Weekend in Toronto on Saturday, November 26 at 11:00am. An autograph session and meet & greet follows at 1:00pm.

Boston Rob is the only four-time castaway on the hit CBS show, Survivor. Last spring he claimed victory as Survivor: Redemption Island champion, as well as the Fan's Choice Award for best player of the season. Rob is a world traveler and adventure enthusiast, as well as a two-time competitor, with his wife Amber, on The Amazing Race.

In this exclusive interview with explore-mag.com, Rob gives us the inside scoop about his time on Survivor, his new show Around The World in 80 Ways, and his Canadian connections.

Q: Who is the second most impressive Survivor player?
A: I'm not sure who the second most impressive Survivorplayer is. Tough question, a lot of great competitors to chose from, obviously my wife Amber was the most impressive. After all, she had the sense to marry me. (laughs)

Q: What kind of mental preparation do you need to do before playing Survivor?
A: Really all you need is to have that competitive drive inside of you, you have to have a never quit attitude, and you must be willing to adapt to different situations, remembering above all else that Survivor is first and foremost a social game.

Q: Are there any side-effects to Survivor once you return home? And does the title of Sole Survivor make the transition a little easier?
A: I'm nuts, about a week after I'm home I want to be back out there. I'm not sure what the allure is but I absolutely love it to the point where I tried to convince Amber to let me build a shelter in our back yard. She astutely pointed out to me that we have a shelter, and it's called our house.

Q: You have a new show, Around The World in 80 Ways. Out of the 80 ways, which was most memorable?
A: We were nearing the end of our journey when Dennis (co-host Dennis Anderson, creator of the Gravedigger monster truck) and decided to attach a rope to the back of a helicopter and I waterskied behind it. Bad Ass!

Q: Where have you travelled to in Canada? Any fun stories?
A: I love Canada. Growing up, I used to travel to Montreal all the time to play hockey tournaments. Amber and I have been to Toronto where we presented at the Much Music Awards a few years back. We've spent time in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Whistler has some of the best skiing on the planet and we have friends there that we try to visit often. While in Edmonton they let me drive the Zamboni at an Oilers game!

Q: Finally, any words to your Canadian fans in advance of your appearance in Toronto? You're going to take on some fans in a Survivor-style challenge. Are you ready to compete again?
A: I can't wait to come back to Toronto. I'll be ready! You guys better be too!

Around The World in 80 Ways is airing in the US on History Channel. Canadian fans can catch it here