Riding Mountain National Park

You'll find it in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

J.E.T. Trail

Fat-tire fanatics will be hard-pressed to find a more scenic mountain bike trail east of the Rockies than the J.E.T. Trail. This out-and-back ride, with the option to do a longer loop, climbs a ridge up into the park's lofty (sort of) North Escarpment. From the viewpoints here, the farms of the Manitoba lowlands spread out like a patchwork quilt, and on clear days Lake Manitoba appears in the distance. It's a steady climb up the trail and a fast downhill on the way back.

Length (return): 15 km; two to four hours.

Elevation gain: 1,000 feet.

Directions: Drive 24 km east of Wasagaming on Highway 19 to the trailhead.

Resources: Taking to the Trails by the Friends of Riding Mountain National Park ($23; friendsofridingmountain.ca).