To make the most of a seaside adventure, go to Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

Green Gardens

To make the most of this seaside trek, try to arrive as the tide is falling. You start by walking 4.5 km through forest until you reach the coast. Once you hit the ocean, leave the trail and begin walking northeast along the shore. Between beaches you'll walk through sea caves, past towering sea stacks and over strange volcanic formations. Continue along the coast to Wallace Brook, where you get back on the trail as it loops back inland to the trailhead.

Length: 15 km; six to eight hours.
Directions: Begin at the Long Pond trailhead on route 431, 13 km from Woody Point.
More Beta: Bring wading shoes for crossing Wallace Brook twice.
Resources: Gros Morne National Park by Michael Burzynski ($30 from the Gros Morne Co-op Association, 709-458-3605).