The past few weeks have been hard.

I missed out on what was, perhaps, one of the highlights of my year in 2010 - attending the Banff Mountain Film Festival. I had heard about the film fest more and more over the years and was so thrilled to have had the opportunity to take in the entire experience in Banff in November of last year. My favourite film of the festival (granted, I did not see the entire roster) was 

" target="_blank">Mountain HardWear's The Swiss Machine featuring Swiss speed climber Ueli Steck (ahh, Ueli Steck!). (Ueli was actually a guest at the 2009 festival...)

This year, missing out on being at the festival myself, I received daily updates from my good friend and outdoor adventurer, Chloe Steepe, who was able to take in the festival in its entirety! (<--No, I'm not jealous) as well as SEKetcheson and Larry Bradley who also found some time to take in some of the experience.

Without a doubt, the most talked about film among my BMFF friends was The Freedom Chair. Ironically, I had watched the trailer for the Freedom Chair a few weeks ago, during one of my random Vimeo viewing sessions. The story is of Josh Dueck, Canadian free style skier and his recovery and climb back to the top of the podium following a devastating skiing injury in 2004. Josh, left paraplegic following the accident, now sit-skis for the Canadian Para Alpine Ski Team. The film, which won the title of 'Best Film on Mountain Sport' will undoubtedly be making appearances in the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour and I definitely suggest checking it out.

View the trailer HERE.