The last few years have seen a number of major changes within the Alpine Club of Canada; and now the ACC is taking another important step in launching its new look: an updated logo.

“While the existing logo has tons of charm and tradition and has symbolized the great things about the Club to so many people for a hundred years, the fact is that the old logo no longer represents who we are presently or what we do,” said ACC President Peter Muir. “Coils of hemp rope and wooden ice axes are just not what the ACC is about in the 21st century.”

One of the biggest issues with the old logo is that it did not represent the two official languages of Canada and of the Club. The name of the Club is now included in both French and English, separated by "1906," the year of the Club’s founding.

Changing something that’s so established and loved is an issue the ACC took seriously. The ACC states, "We are proud of our rich history and the symbol that has represented us so well in the mountain community. For this reason, we decided that our new look would be a re-work rather than a fresh slate, but one that represents the Club in a more modern light."

In the new logo the ice axe, the symbol of the alpinist, is a modern yet timeless design, and the second ice axe has been replaced by a pair of skis. The hemp rope was removed. The sheep’s head has been reworked into a more abstract look. The shield remains with the original colours of green, grey and white corresponding to the forest, the rock and the snow and ice of alpine environments in which Club members play. The shield is overset with a new panel, primarily in green, but it will also appear in alternate colours, representing different areas of the Club’s work, which, as stated in their Mission Statement, is to foster alpine experiences, knowledge and culture; promote responsible access; and support excellence in alpine leadership and skills.
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