dom_jpg_t285My wife's friends all went to Punta Cana for a holiday this winter, We were invited but both Alana and I had to work. We were a tad jealous. A couple years back we went with the group - a number of marathon runners my wife runs marathons with. It was to Mexico and had a blast with them. This year we found ourselves paying off bills instead. I did, however, get a chance to do a one night sleep over in the woods. I love winter camping but it doesn't compare to Punta Cana. Before the group left, however, Alana and I played a little joke on them. We stored two laminated head shots of us in their suitcases. Very funny stuff, especially since they used them in quite a few photos taken on their trip.

Oh well, maybe our real heads will be stored in their suitcases next year.

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