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Snowboarder turned inventor: Aaron Coret
After a major wipeout, Aaron had to find a new way to be involved in his favourite sport Vancouver, B.C. //...
Top tree planter: Jeff Schnurr
How one tree planter became the founder of something much larger Jeff Schnurr was bumming in India when eight exiled Tibetan...
Biking for birds: Malkolm Boothroyd
Bicycles, birds and big plans: that’s Malkolm Boothroyd. For many birdwatchers, a North American “Big Year”—12 months dedicated to tick-listing...
Pro social activist: Ellen Quigley
From boycotting Nike to planting garlic, Quigley is changing the face of activism Saskatoon, Saskatchewan // Age: 26 Ellen Quigley was 12...
Saving sharks: Claudia Li
Claudia Li became an activist after watching the documentary Sharkwater, a kind of anti-Jaws that has convinced thousands of people...
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