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Top east-coast surfer: Nico Manos
Building a go-anywhere, do-anything surfing community on the East Coast is what Nico Manos is all about, from his Lawrencetown...
Top 30 under 30: Activists
These young people are Canada's best green leaders, social activists, and environmental warriors. Professional eco-activist: Tria Donaldson Donaldson is fighting the proposed...
Top 30 under 30: Athletes
Learn more about Canada's best young athletes - here is Explore Magazine's Top 30 Under 30, profiles of Canada's best...
Q&A with one of Canada's top teen skiers: Sean Pettit
He's been called the future of skiing for several years, and it's still true Whistler, B.C. // Age: 19 He landed his...
First rider to land a quad: Mark McMorris
Learn more about the snowboard trick mastered by this 17-year-old Regina, Saskatchewan // Age: 17 Sounds like something you’d order at Starbucks:...
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