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Record-breaking caver: Chris Omura
Record-breaking caver: Chris Omura. Learn more about the youngest member of an experienced team that made a huge discovery.
Urban explorer: Michael Cook
How one man lets people view Toronto in new and unexpected ways Toronto, Ontario // Age: 28 Who is this guy in...
Canada's best guide: Jean-François Carrey
Ottawa, Ontario // Age: 29 It takes chutzpah to call yourself “Canada’s foremost adventure guide” when you’re not yet 30 years...
Reader's choice adventurer: Jen Hanson
She went to summer camp, and never really 
came back. For People with type 1 diabetes, 
that’s a good thing Calgary,
Top adventurers: Eric & Sarah McNair-Landry
They’re exploring the Arctic as if it was their backyard. 
Wait a minute—it is their backyard Iqaluit, Nunavut 
// Age: 27...
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