1. Canada Goose Expedition Parka

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If you’re venturing into the coldest of Canada’s winters, you need an expedition parka. Developed for scientists working in Antarctica, it’s made with removable fur and 625 fill power white duck down. The temperature rating is for -30 C and below. Canada Goose is a high-quality, aspirational brand—and at the extreme price point, it may not be accessible for everyone. Two great alternatives that won’t break the bank: Eddie Bauer’s Glacier Peak Parka and Columbia’s Down Mid Jacket with Omni-Heat™ thermal reflective warmth.

Approx. cost: $1,395

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2. Manitobah Mukluks

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My absolute favourite winter boot isn’t your typical hiking boot. This Indigenous-owned company aims to keep traditions alive and celebrate Indigenous values and history. Every outsole showcases Indigenous art while utilizing the winter-proof technology of Vibram®. Made with sheepskin shearling, cowhide suede and (optional) rabbit fur, the boot is even waterproof to withstand Canada’s wet winter weather to -32 C. You'll feel like your feet are snuggled up in a cozy baby blanket. Trust me.

Approx. cost: $249

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3. Kombi Radical GORE-TEX Mitten


It’s an age-old question: Gloves or mittens? Personally, I prefer both. Gloves (fingers separate) allow more movement, but mittens (fingers together) increase warmth through skin contact. I typically take a fleece glove liner and slide it into a waterproof mitten. Or you can purchase a hybrid, with inner fingermitts, so you get the best of both worlds. The Radical Mitten uses ethical goose down for ultimate warmth.

Approx. cost: $179

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4. Woolx Merino Wool Base Layers


When you’re in the coldest, snowiest, most wintry parts of Canada, you need a heavyweight base layer. While light and midweight options work for snow sports in coastal or southern areas, for serious northern climates, invest in extreme insulation. This top is made from Australian Merino Wool and features a 50 UPF rating. Also known as “long johns,” base layers should be soft, breathable, moisture wicking, allow for comfortable movement without sacrificing durability and, of course, keep you comfortably warm.

Approx. cost: $152

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5. Arc’teryx Mid Layer


Snuggle up in a cozy hoodie-like sweater for your second layer. This jacket has warm, heathered fleece, which is lightweight, breathable and easy to pack. The bound cuffs and low-profile hood locks in the heat. If Arc’teryx is above your price point, try the McKinley Rubin or a similar model. Polyester fleece is the perfect material for a mid layer: it insulates without retaining excess moisture.

Approx. cost: $219

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6. Canada Goose Aviator Hat

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Is this the most expensive hat you’ll ever wear? Maybe, but it also might be the warmest. With a chin strap, duck down insulation and coyote fur, this super cozy, water-resistant toque is perfect for high-wind conditions. The fur lining disrupts airflow around the face, preventing frostbite. Need a more affordable version? Try Eddie Bauer’s Down Avaitor Hat or Columbia’s Adventure Hiking Trapper, both made with faux fur.

Approx. cost: $350

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7. Carhartt Arctic Wool Sock


Whether you’re spending time outside for work or adventure, you need to keep your toes safe and warm. This sock balances wool, nylon and spandex for the ultimate winter blend. They’re hailed for being warm, dry, thick and comfortable. Looking for a ski sock? Burton makes performance socks. Darn Tough and Smartwool are go-tos for winter hikers.

Approx. cost: $23

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