Set sail on an exhilarating adventure on the sea

Have you ever dreamt of gliding effortlessly across open water? Spotting seabirds, marine life and being one with the waves? Then you need to check out Steve and Doris Colgate's Offshore Sailing School. With a legacy of over 160,000 adults and families trained in the art of sailing, racing and bareboat chartering, they have truly mastered the art of unlocking the wind's secrets and harnessing its power.

Here’s why sailing should be your next outdoor adventure.

You Will Be Learning from the Best

Offshore Sailing School, founded in 1964 by the accomplished sailor Steve Colgate, is the longest running and most esteemed sailing and boating education company in the United States. With Steve Colgate's impressive background as an Olympian, America's Cup competitor, and a 2015 National Sailing Hall of Fame inductee, the school boasts a rich heritage of excellence. Thousands of adults and their families have chosen Offshore Sailing School. With expert instructors at your side, you'll learn the ropes, hoist the sails and set off on the path to becoming a skilled sailor. Doris Colgate, the company’s president and CEO, founded the National Women’s Sailing Association and the Women’s Sailing Foundation. Further, Doris was also inducted in the National Sailing Hall of Fame in 2022.


You Can Fast Track Your Way to Becoming a Certified Sailor

Whether you're a complete novice or an experienced mariner looking to enhance your skills and earn US Sailing certifications, Offshore Sailing School is a world-class institution that caters to sailors of every experience level.

The courses are designed to give you the in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience needed to earn the prestigious US Sailing certifications within a week. Fast Track® courses will adequately prepare you to skipper your own vessel competently with confidence and ease.

You Gain Hands-On Experience in Beautiful Locations

One of Offshore Sailing School’s most popular courses is the Fast Track to Cruising® Course, where students combine hands-on learning with a live-aboard experience aboard a Colgate 26, monohull or catamaran yacht.

Through this course, you can expect to learn aboard a Colgate 26 throughout your first two days while staying at a resort. As the sun sets on the first two days of sailing, you’ll move aboard a yacht at one of Offshore Sailing School’s live-aboard locations: the sun-kissed paradise of St. Petersburg or serene Captiva Island, both nestled in the sunshine state of Florida. Alternatively, you can set sail on an learning adventure from Scrub Island or Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, where turquoise waters and secluded anchorages create the perfect setting to hone your skills. Your home on the water, where you’ll eat, sleep and breathe sailing life for the next week, will become your sanctuary and launchpad for grand adventures.

Worried about the live-aboard experience? No problem! While most students opt for the immersive adventure of living aboard, there's also a stay-ashore option available.


There is a Course and Experience for Everyone

The beauty of these courses is that they cater to anyone, whether you’re an intrepid solo adventurer or a family seeking an unforgettable bonding experience on the high seas. Offshore Sailing School teaches adults and families how to bareboat charter, and even little sailors as young as seven can join in on the fun. With a maximum of four students taught per course or up to five family members, you’ll receive personalized attention and the support you need to grow as a sailor.

If you’re tight on time, Offshore Sailing School offers a three-day Learn to Sail course for Basic Keelboat certification, which includes a five-night resort stay: the perfect mix of hands-on learning and vacation. The school also offers sailboat racing courses and programs, along with Women’s Week Fast Track to Cruising® Courses, Navigation and Passage Making. For its graduates and experienced sailors, the company offers Colgate Sailing Adventures® hosted vacations in ports all over the world.

It’s An Adventure of a Lifetime

From the mesmerizing shores of Captiva Island and St. Petersburg, to the tradewinds of the British Virgin Islands, you will not only learn to sail but you will also unlock a world of freedom, confidence and boundless adventure on the water. Whether you’re yearning to explore new horizons, charter in the Mediterranean or just experience the joy of the wind in your sails, Offshore Sailing School is your ultimate destination. Let Offshore Sailing School bring you “from your couch to the captain’s chair” and chart your course to an unforgettable journey on the high seas.


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