Growing up in the Prairies, mountain biking was an oxymoron for me and my friends.  Now that we live in B.C., it is a way of life for my 12-year-old son.  For the past few years he and I would hit the trails together, improving our skills through trial and error. (Sometimes more error than trial!) However, at some point last fall I realized it was time to seek some outside expertise. Mostly because a recent ride had me falling behind by a few hundred metres. 

brad liskiBrad Liski

For that I want to give a quick shout-out to the team at FLOW.  FLOW Mountain Bike Camps are a part of Pedalheads, which we trusted to teach our kids to ride their first bike. Again, I found myself trusting them to teach my son the real way to ride the mountains.  The course was not only extremely well organized, but the instructors were able to connect with the kids, earn their respect and thereby teach them in a way that parents can never do. We enrolled my son in the 5-day camp and the results were astounding.  He would come back each day with great stories and a well grounded understanding of his limitations.  He learned to assess the trails, navigate the terrain and build the confidence needed in this sport.

Big thanks to all at FLOW!  He is looking forward to the next level of training and this year’s rides.

Have you been mountain biking all of your life?

How did you pick up your skills? Trial-and-error, technical instruction or a mix of both? 

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