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When stocking up for an adventure this summer, it’s important to consider the ingredients in your on-the-go snack. Protein bars can make an ideal snack, but with so many on the market, it can be hard to decide on a bar.

One of the newest protein bars to come to Canada, RXBAR was created from a need. Founders Peter Rahal and Jared Smith were busy, on-the-go athletes looking for sustaining food that they felt was both good for them and tasted good. A lot of the bars on the market had extremely long ingredient lists and labels with things they didn’t recognize—and they didn’t even taste that great.

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We’ve likely all bitten into a heavy protein bar to find a chalky or mushy mess. On the flip side, a tempting chocolate-filled bar might taste delicious but have little-to-no nutritional value. Peter and Jared recognized the need for protein and fibre and decided to create their own great tasting bars using simple, clean ingredients.

Peter and Jared started RXBAR in 2013. They were both heavy into cross-fit, passionate about clean eating and having a healthy diet. Peter, who is Lebanese, grew up eating dates so had first-hand experience with the power and importance of what would become the bar’s base. They began testing by purchasing high-quality ingredients from their local Whole Foods. Then, they gave these bars to friends and family to gage their responses—which were overwhelmingly positive. That set the bedrock for what was to become one of the largest bars on the market today.

Every bar has the same core: egg whites, dates and nuts. Egg whites offer protein, dates are a natural preservative, sugar and binder, and nuts give the crunchy texture. Peter and Jared wanted to ensure that every ingredient in each bar serves a purpose, whether that’s nutritional value, amazing taste or (ideally) both.

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The founders committed to using these core ingredients and then adding other real food ingredients like fruit and spices to give each bar a unique and delicious flavour. The bars aren’t baked and are made at a facility in the USA.

RXBAR has changed the nutrition bar scene with their minimal ingredients, transparency and no-nonsense attitude towards disclosing what’s inside their bars. The label on the front of the bar leads with a glimpse of what you’re getting in each bar. The clever tagline ‘No B.S.’ on the label is a memorable way to cover off everything that’s not included: no gluten, no added sugar, no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives and no fillers.

Ideally, you would always have egg whites, dates and cashews on hand for a quick on-the-go snack during an outdoor adventure, but that’s rarely practical. RXBAR was created for anyone who’s looking for a convenient, healthy option with a 10-month shelf-life that doesn’t melt in the sun.

RXBAR serves a wide range of explorers, even those with restrictive diets including gluten-free, Whole30 and Paleo. Of course, every individual is encouraged to seek out personalized health advice and dietary information from a nutritionist and/or doctor themselves.

Nutritional benefits, amazing taste and convenience is the ideal trifecta in a snack for explorers. The company aims to listen to consumers and empower them to know what they’re eating—and feel good about it.

That’s a lot from a simple bar.


This article was sponsored by RXBAR. RXBARs can be found online at, on Amazon and in retailers across Canada. Find your favourite flavour here.