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OGGI Scarf

Valentine's Day Gift Box Description


Show your significant other how much they mean to you—with the gift of outdoor adventure.

We know you and your partner value time outdoors and cozying up for an apresget-together more than chocolates and roses. So we’ve bundled the perfect gift pack for outdoor enthusiasts, just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

This curated collection will ensure your special someone stays warm, cozy and safe while camping, snowshoeing, hiking and adventuring. (And we’re big fans of self-love here at Explore—so don’t be shy, grab one for yourself too.)

It’s $150 worth of exceptional outdoor gear and apparel And it’s on sale now for only $99.

What are you waiting for?

Just like Valentine’s Day, this sale comes once a year.

Every box contains:

  • OGGI Cabin Socks (Unisex)
  • Avventura Outdoors Sleeping Bag Liner
  • Avventura Outdoors Classic Camping Mug
  • DryMeSack Hiking Towel
  • Avventura Outdoors Survival Candle
  • OGGI Lumberjack Scarf (Unisex)

That’s $150 worth of gear and apparel for only $99!

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Some Of The Products in Action

Scarf and Mug

OGGI Lumberjack Scarf and Avventura Outdoors Classic Camping Mug 

Hiking Scarf

OGGI Lumberjack Scarf


OGGI Cabin Socks

OGGI socks

OGGI Cabin Socks

Avventura Outdoors Sleeping Bag Liner

Avventura Outdoors Sleeping Bag Liner


Be prepared to survive any emergency life throws your way with this 10-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit!

Just add this one time special offer to upgrade your purchase and get our 10-in-1 Survival Kit added to your order.

Survival Kit

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✅ Private Adventure Community ($120.00 Value)  ✅ 100+ Prizes per year (up to $1000 per prize)

✅ Discounts on Outdoor Gear ✅ Expert Series Interviews ($120.00 Value)

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