Adventure Travel
Credit: Biletskiy Ievgenii

Adventure is a basic human need.

Your mind craves the unknown on its relentless search for knowledge and intrigue.

Your body craves movement and challenge.

Your soul craves refreshment and inspiration.

We have all of that in spades. Welcome to our list of 15 adventure destinations sure to fire your inner stoke. Any one of these amazing locations will leave you inspired, refreshed and downright sweaty too.

(Three markers of a great getaway.)

So read on. Book some time. And live the adventure.

Live Like a Cowboy in the Canadian Rockies

Go North (WAY North)

Classic Canadiana

Cycle Touring Paradise

Awake the Giant!

High-Altitude Horsemanship

The Land of Wild Beasts

Tour de Quebec

Almost Heaven...

Sandstone Castles

No Garlic Required

The Island Chain You've Never Heard Of

Paddle Through Time

Ode to Yellowstone

California's Crown Jewel

What About When You Get Home?

How do you live the adventure every day?

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