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Credit: David Webb

Where would explore be without our fans? Here is a Top 25 List of our most-shared articles of all time.

If we can learn anything from this list—you like hiking, winter camping and Will Gadd. (No surprise on the last one. We like him too.)

We've taken a look through a few years of our online articles and uncovered the Top 25 most socially-shared posts on explore-mag.com. This means that these 25 articles received the most Facebook likes, Tweets, Pins and Google+'s of any we've posted. 

The first couple of articles are particularly BIG—combined, nearly 90,000 "shares" for the two of them alone.

Of course, this website is organic—meaning things can change. Our list is current as of March 18, 2016. (We'll post another in a year.)

Scroll down and enjoy. Which article did you "share?"

1. Canada's Best Campsites

2. The World's Best Trails

3. Camping Couples

4. Homemade Camp Grub

5. Canada's Longest Hut-to-Hut Trail

6. Cold Camping, Anyone?

7. Canada's Best Trails

8. Family Outdoor Time

9. NorCal Getaway

10. Be Safe Out There!

11. Insider Info

12. Rocky Mountain High

13. Ontario's Best Snow-Sites

14. The Story of Daniel Trask

(Special Note: Update on this tale in the Summer 2016 issue!)

15. How to Be Careful

16. Cooking in the Cold

17. Buy Right

18. Navigation 101

19. Rocky Mountain Hit-List

20. Hot Stuff

21. Going Solo

22. Mountain Hikes (You Don't Know About)

23. Wild West

24. Size Matters

25. Birthday Suit Manners