Kevin Callan
Credit: Kevin Callan

Climate change has caused me to buy more winter boots.

Rather than pull on my regular winter footwear, which is good for extreme cold temperatures and treading through knee-high snow, I’ve found myself changing up almost daily, from old-style galoshes to new-age leather hikers.

Here are a few that have become my favourites this winter:

Kamik Nationwide


These are toasty warm (and moderately priced). Rated for -40 degrees Celsius, they’re the warmest boots I own. They’re comfortable too. Considering all the waterproofing and insulation, they’re not that heavy of a boot. The essential part, however, is that the liner comes out. That’s crucial for any winter boot when it comes to camping. You need to dry the liners at night—or at least be able to wash the nasty stink out of them when you get home.

KEEN Summit County


These are one of KEEN’s best winter boots, especially for a mixed bag of winter weather. Biggest bonus for me is the extra insulation in the toes. My toes are always the first things to go numb in cold temperatures. The boots are breathable, waterproof, comfortable and extremely lightweight for such a warm winter boot. And they're perfect for fitting in a high-tech snowshoe binding. 

Neos Adventurer


I spotted my mail carrier wearing these boots a couple of years back and I’ve been packing them on winter trips ever since. The boot works as an overshoe. I’ll pull them over my mukluks or leather hikers when the snow is soft and wet. Perfect for snowshoeing, ice fishing or winter camping. The sole gives amazing traction, and even though the overshoe makes you look like Herman Munster, they're extremely lightweight. 

Feathered Friends Down Booties

Feathered FriendsFeathered Friends

Probably the heaviest of the bunch—but the warmest and most versatile. Also priced around $30 more than most other brands, but they’ll last a lot longer. The moment I set up camp in the winter (or sit by the fire with a single-malt at home), I put them on. What a cozy feeling, knowing you don’t have to put on your big snow boots just to step outside of the tent for a bathroom break. The bottom grip is decent, down insulation gives them the incredible warmth and the extra height ensures snow doesn’t find its way in while you’re walking back from the outhouse.