Hot Tent
Credit: Kevin Callan

Sometimes words can’t describe a feeling as much as visuals.

Last week’s winter camp was a good example of that. I went out to film a hot tenting segment with friend, Tim Foley. We got a lot of good images during the trip. It was also a solid winter trek. Temperatures went down to - 28 degrees Celsius, with a wind chill of -36.

Tim’s friend, Chris, also joined us. He was new to winter hot tenting and I think he was quite hesitant to leave the warmth of the vehicle at the parking area at first. But he grew to love it out there. The sound of the squeaking snow under your feet, the crack of the lake ice expanding, the howling wolves in the distance. The best part was to feel comfortable and familiar with winter travel. To sleep on the snow, pull a toboggan of gear along a wooded trail, to cook breakfast of bacon, and more bacon, and not worry about gaining a pound or two.

But again, words really can’t do justice to the joys of winter hot tenting. That’s why when I edited our film, I made the decision to keep out the voice over. I let the images tell the story. Have a look and experience it for yourself.