Skinny Dip
Credit: Kevin Callan

Coleman just released an article on the best places to skinny dip in Canada.

They highlighted places like the nudist beach on Toronto Island’s Hanlan’s Point, Sooke Potholes Provincial Park in British Columbia (pictured below), and Oka Park, in Lac des Deux Montagnes, Quebec, where clothing has been optional since the 1940s.

I’d add a couple places I’ve frequently swum in my birthday suit in Ontario—Killarney Provincial Park’s Nellie Lake and Paradise Lagoon along the Chiniquichi River.

Sooke Potholes

I’m not what one would call a nudist. I don’t sleep nude or hang around camp exposing myself to the elements. I just choose to swim without any clothes on. I always have. There’s a sense of freedom in plunging into a cold lake in the early morning, sans swim trunks. In fact, I’d go as far as to state that the act of skinny dipping is as important a part of a camping trip as is toasting marshmallow or watching the sun set… just as long as you keep to the proper skinny dipping etiquette:

Skinny Dipping Etiquette

  • When group-dipping, make sure everyone agrees to see and be seen.
  • Think twice before agreeing to skinny dip with a prospective mother-in-law, or boss, or with your friend’s spouse.
  • Undress where ever you please but please warn everyone around you that you’re about to do so.
  • Skinny dipping by moonlight is an age-old tradition—but keep in mind that during a full moon, things can be seen a lot more clearly then you might like.
  • Swim well out of range from other campsites.
  • Know that there is a big difference between swimming naked with a group and standing around nude chatting with everyone after the dip.
  • Be extra mindful of personal space issues; abutting another’s nakedness isn’t always considered a good thing.
  • Keep in mind that being nude with someone else should not be considered an invitation for sex; that’s a totally different camping element.
  • Cameras should always be off-limits (unless permission to take pictures is given).
  • Skinny dipping is not a good time to make jest of one’s fears of murky water, leeches, jellyfish or their own physical insecurities.
  • Never make your less-than-perfect figure be the reason for not giving skinny dipping a try.
  • Whatever the downfalls, skinny dipping should always be tried once in your life.