Woods Canada is at it again this season—and that’s a good thing!

Canada’s outdoor gear manufacturer, since 1885, has just launched their new “Canada’s Greatest Explorer” competition for the season—and it’s amazing. The company will set out across Canada in search of 12 of Canada’s most avid outdoor adventurers. Once they find them, the dirty dozen will then compete in a series of competitions for all of us to watch by way of webisodes throughout June and July. The host is Action Adventurer Ricky Forbes from Canada’s Tornado Hunters. (There goes my regular viewing of Fuller House.)

Canadians will have a chance to help select the 12 competitors through online voting at until May 11, 2016.

There’s a winner at the end. The one who can sustain through the punishing Canadian landscape, and do it with honour, wins $25,000—and more important, earns the title of "Canada’s Greatest Explorer.” That should look good on a resume.

To me, this signals exciting times in the outdoor world. There’s a solid amount of projects and contests out there this season that’s pushing people, mostly young people, to get into the wilds of Canada. Woods did something similar last year with their "Ultimate Dream Job" competition. It was a huge success, which is why they’re expanding this season with the “Canada’s Greatest Explorer.” Seeing companies promote their product by enticing people out into the woods is far better to follow on social media than another Trump blooper.

For pictures, videos and up-close-and-personal moments through the explorers’ eyes, follow the hashtag #WoodsExplorer on Twitter and visit the Woods Canada Facebook page. You can also follow all the action this summer at