Hobo Stove
Credit: Kevin Callan

I just came back from a week of canoe tripping in Ontario’s Algonquin Park. What a fantastic time. The weather was perfect, the trout were biting and the blackflies were just starting by the time the trip was over.  

I love early spring canoe trips. It feels so good to finally get out on the water after a long winter. You bring the old gear down from the attic: smoke-scented canvas packs, blackened cooking pots, fluffy sleeping bags. You also pack away a few new camp items purchased for the upcoming season.

This season’s list of new gear varied from new boots to DEET free bug repellent. The best addition to my gear list, however, was Kelly Kettle’s Hobo Stove.

I’ve used a Kelly Kettle ever since my paddling trip in the Scottish Highlands. It’s the most efficient stick stove out there for boiling water. But the addition of the hobo stove allows so much more. 

Check out my part 1 and 2 of my new video Algonquin Big Trout - Warbler Lake Trip. It includes the full review of the hobo stove... and a viewing of why spring canoe trips are good for the soul.

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