The Happy Camper: Jerry Vandiver’s New Collection of Canoe Songs
Credit: Mrbrendo-Dreamstime

Jerry Vandiver has a new album out: Mixed Dry Bag.

I love this guy’s music. Everything is water-based; songs of canoeing, kayaking, running rapids, watching sunset, listening to loons and making camp coffee.

His newest collection has a few of Jerry’s regular-style songs—fun country twang that’s easy to sing along with. “Too Many Boats” is based on something all paddlers are guilty of. “That’s What Winters Are For” is a simple ramble of things we do during the cold months while we wait for spring break-up. There’s even one titled “Don’t Paddle Today,” about a male paddler who has his significant other trying to persuade him not to go paddling again (by offering him sexual pleasures).

That’s Jerry’s style that I’ve grown to know and love. Fun, fast-paced lyrics poking fun at the outdoor community. 

Jerry VandiverJerry Vandiver

This new album has much more to it, however. Songs like “Downstream” and “The Water is Wide” really display Jerry’s writing ability. Their soulful sentiments will entrance every one of us and get us to keep pushing the play button.

Make sure to check out Jerry Vandiver’s Mixed Dry Bag. It’s a blend of songs that all outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy.

Watch the Video Here:

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