Kevin Callan
Credit: Kevin Callan

Here it is. The long-awaited video of me surviving a sleepover in the haunted Cobourg Jail.

While you watch, take notice of a few odd noises in the background. We had cameras going for six hours while I slept. The crew was desperate to catch a ghost on film. I watched the entire footage and saw nothing. I was relieved but they were disappointed.

Then, just before we uploaded the film to YouTube, one of the editors cranked up the audio track to search for strange noises. He heard me snoring, readjusting my sleeping bag, pouring Jack Daniels into my stainless steel mug and talking in my sleep (it seems I’m in love with someone named Susan). But nothing else—until just before 3:00 a.m. The audio picked up banging, knocking and a few childish whispers. I apparently heard nothing—due to the Jack Daniels and my slight loss of hearing in my left ear. Very Spooky.  

I hope you enjoy it. Because I’m never doing that again!

Watch the Video Here: