Group Camping
Credit: Kevin Callan

Group conflict still overpowers nuisance bears and lightning strikes when it comes to what’s really problematic while out in the wilderness. 

I just completed my video series of the college students heading out with me for seven days of backpacking Algonquin Provincial Park’s Western Uplands Trail. I was able to put together a total of eight videos from the trip.

Throughout, there is a lot of typical wild landscape shots, enthusiastic youth, outdoor tips and gear reviews. There’s also a lot of group dynamics going on. It was a tossed salad of high emotions, anxiety, anger, jealousy and revenge. At times it seemed like Lord of the Flies was being played out in the interior of Algonquin. Groups separated, friends split and moral ethics were challenged, especially on the last two videos. Have a look and let me know what you think were the issues causing the conflict—and more important, what could have been done to alter the conclusion of the trip.

Watch the Videos:

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