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I always buy myself something special for Father’s Day.

My daughter is always good for a homemade card, some dollar-store aftershave and a great hug. But it’s nice to add some fancy camp gadget to that as well. My favourite store to shop (online) is Canadian Outdoor Equipment. They specialize in camp gear and gadgets that other regular stores won’t have. I’m addicted to this place.

Here are a few of some of the most unique (and functional) options for Father’s Day:

Plazmatic X Electric Dual Beam USB Lighter ($70)

This thing is awesome. It’s something Captain Kirk would use on a mission to some frozen planet. The lighter doesn’t run on fuel. It uses plasma, powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, to produce combustion! Imagine a mini Taser to light your campfire or evening cigar. Yes, butane or even a common Bic lighter will do. But not when it’s cold and wet out. You can put the Plazmatic lighter in the freezer overnight and it will still work.

Wetterlings Hudson’s Bay Axe ($182)

Mix a splitting maul and a forest axe together and you get Wetterling’s Hudson’s Bay Axe. This is a hybrid of a Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian axe and small splitting axe, which means you have a tool to fell a tree, clear brush and split firewood. 

Helle Byggesett Knife Kit ($121)

Make your own camp knife—how cool would that be? The kit includes a triple-laminated Helle Harding blade, block of curly birch for a handle, a brass butt, leather pieces for a sheath, a sheath rivet and thread for sewing. It also comes with instructions—thankfully.

Reflector Oven by Svante Freden ($88)

Once you’ve baked a blueberry pie mid-trip you’ll never look back. Reflector ovens may not be necessary to pack along—but they sure are an absolute godsend to perk up your adventure. Enjoy fresh bread, cinnamon rolls, apple turnovers and cupcakes with little red hearts.

Kelly Kettle Ultimate Base Camp Kit ($268)

Kelly Kettle has now offers everything in one package, all nestled together: The Kelly Kettle Base Camp model (1.6-litre capacity), Hobo Stove (twig stove), cookset (pot/pan/potgrip), mug-set (two mugs), pot support and plates (two). If the Ultimate Base Camp Kit is too big for your group size, then choose the Ultimate Scout Kit.

Sportes ULU-002 Knife ($165)

Definitely a unique piece of camp gear. The knife design is based on the traditional Inuit Ulu knife. The Sportes ULU-002 (made in Canada) features 1095C carbon steel and a cherry wood handle. Use it for skinning hides or cutting veggies at camp. It’s a skinning knife, hunting knife, bushcraft knife and even a butcher-chopper. 

Hudsons Bay Tin Fire Kit ($65)

Every father would want his own Hudson Bay flint and steel fire kit. This is really cool. The Hudsons Bay-style box comes a flint, steel striker, charcloth and a magnifying lens to light your voyageur pipe in an emergency.  

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