Camp Socks
Credit: Kevin Callan

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good camp sock. Your feet will thank you for it.

A good camp sock fits like a second skin. It should also wick moisture, keep you warm when both wet and dry, and at least try to minimize odour during the trip.

Here are two of my all-time favourites—field-tested beyond reason and still going strong.

Wool Power

These are perfect for layering different thicknesses of socks to match the temperatures. I’ll start off with the Wool Power liner sock, great for warm-weather hiking or an initial layer during very cold temps. The merino wool is woven without terry loops—making a comfortable, lightweight sock that wicks moisture and keeps foot odour under control.

Wool Power’s various thicknesses—200, 400, 600 and 800 g/m²—provide the warmth you’ll need for varying temperatures. Layer up after the liner sock to match how cold your feet are.

Your feet keep warm even when wet thanks to the exceptional heat-insulating properties of the terry-knitted material. Basically, the socks absorb and wick-away perspiration without losing heat-insulating properties.

Wigwam Trailbeat Pro Sock

If you’re looking for just one pair to wear throughout spring, summer and fall, then I’d suggest Wigam’s Trailbeat Pro sock.

First off, these socks have a seamless toe. That’s a big bonus. They also stay on tight and don’t sag down your calf. They have a slightly cushioned sole to help stop blisters from forming. And they do a great job wicking moisture away. (Good news because my feet usually stink after a long day of hiking.)

The best part, however, is the blend of merino wool and nylon. The combo works well to create a cozy, light and warm sock.