People always ask us how we’ve been able to accomplish the things we have. In one sense, it’s really simple: We made a list and dedicated ourselves to it. We never listened to naysayers, and never stopped believing we could achieve the things we wrote down.

There’s nothing about us four guys that makes us more able than anyone else to accomplish our goals, other than the simple fact that we decided to go after them. We made our list eight years ago. Since then, we have travelled the world, crossing off list items like Make a TV Show (#53, The Buried Life on MTV), Write a New York Times Bestselling Book (#19), Play Basketball With President Obama (#93) and helped many strangers do the things they want to do before they die.

Along the way, we also asked millions of people the question 'What do you want to do before you die?' Over the years, we’ve found that the #1 item on people’s bucket lists is to travel. We’ve heard countless stories of how people wish to have grand adventures visiting the rough and elegant wonders of the world. So we’ve decided to share our Top 6 adventure bucket list items from around the world:

#1 Swim with Sharks in the Galapagos Islands

Spend a day in the pristine blue waters of the Galapagos snorkeling beside one of the world’s most majestic predators. Set sail off the west coast of South America, navigating through beautiful seascapes to mingle with marine life and fish of all colours. This is an outdoor adventure that should be a must on any explorer’s bucket list. Don’t worry about swimming beside sharks – just enjoy the scenery. After all, those beautiful creatures have plenty of other, more appetizing things to eat. We think.

Swimming With Sharks

#2 Ski the Alps in Austria

Find the biggest stretch of powder you can, and spend the day putting fresh tracks on the ground. Your only dilemma will be that there are so many great runs with so little time to complete them. Champaign powder awaits, so search out the untouched channels and runs. After crossing this item off your list, we can promise you two things: You’ll be exhausted by the end of the day but you will be smiling from ear to ear. Here’s hoping you’ll be reviewing your epic day while enjoying a delicious beverage overlooking a pristine mountain landscape inside the ski lodge. Bottoms up.


#3 Start a Snowball Fight on a Glacier in New Zealand

Hike up to the expansive glaciers of New Zealand, and finish the day off with an epic snowball fight. We all remember the endless beautiful landscape in Lord of the Rings, minus Mordor. Well, this is a chance to hike amidst the of the lush rainforest into alpine fields, while drinking from glacial creeks. Travel to a 10 km long glacier for a day of hucking snow. Curveballs are fair game.

Snowball Fight

#4 Hang Glide over Rio de Janeiro

Travel to the highest point, count to three, and set sail for a bird’s-eye view of Rio. Considered to have one of most beautiful landscapes of any city in the world, you will have an opportunity to see Rio in a way few ever have: By flying above it in a hang glider. Just have one hand free for a selfie.

Rio de Janeiro

 #5 Hunt for Nessie on Lake Loch Ness

Hike, swim, row, or fly. Find out once and for all whether Nessie exists. We believe he's out there, so do many old timers who live around the lake. With a trusty guide, you can hear the stories and gather the necessary intelligence to uncover the truth. Last sightings, Nessie’s
favourite food, forgotten clues, dawn or dusk. A nighttime full moon search is not out of the question. Just make sure Nessie's not hungry.

Lake Loch Ness

#6 Skinny Dip in the Great Barrier Reef

Enjoy the freedom of escaping reality while exploring the wonders of the Reef. Swim laps, cannonball off the boat into the warm water, dive with turtles, and bask in the sun. Find your inner child as you embark on a day of endless laughs and adventure. Members of the opposite sex encouraged.
Skinny Dipping
If any of these interest you, we have some good news: they are six of 20 list items that we have chosen for The Most Epic Bucket List Contest (Ever). If you win, you and a friend will travel the world to cross them off with the help of Contiki Check out the full list here

Our best suggestion to all thrill-seekers: make your own adventure list and go after it. The more items we cross off our list, the more we become convinced that anyone can do anything. We leave you a few lasting words of advice:

“Ninety-nine percent of people believe they can’t do great things, so they aim for mediocrity.” The level of competition is highest for realistic goals because most people don’t set high enough goals for themselves. Statistically, you have a better chance of achieving what may seem like an unrealistic goal. So be ballsy, and go after what you want.”

Much love,
Ben from The Buried Life