I just returned from a few weeks in Italy. It was nice—great food, scenic mountain trails to run, fantastic wine—a good time had by all. I also came away appreciating what we have in Canada more than ever. 

Europe has culture in spades but what it doesn't have is real wilderness. For me, summer has to involve a nice stretch of time in the wild, with no people around save my trip partner and the occasional other wilderness wanderer.

It's a time to re-set my clock to the rhythm of the light and the movement of the water.

Next week, I set off with my friend, Peirson Ross, on a 1,200-kilometre canoe journey through Nunavik from the Labrador Border to Hudson Bay. A month of tripping through an area I haven't been before: lakes, rivers, portages, bugs, wildlife... I'll take that any day over pasta, wine and a stroll through cobblestone streets (though that would be pretty nice at the end of the canoe trip, come to think of it).

Map: Maze of the North

Our “Maze of the North” expedition starts on July 28 and will take us until the end of August. Inspired by the book The Narrow Road to the Deep North by the 17th century Japanese poet Matsuo Basho, we'll be updating our journey with a daily haiku and a map link, so please follow us along on the journey.  Each haiku will capture a highlight moment or the essence of the day.

You can track us on our FB trip page at https://www.facebook.com/mazeofthenorth/ or on our MapShare site at https://share.garmin.com/FrankWolf.

Many  thanks of course go to our sponsors MEC (who provided us with an expedition grant), Esquif Canoes, Cascade Designs, North Water and The Complete Paddler for helping to make this happen. Only six weeks or so left until September—go make the most of it!

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